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Quick Hands (Advanced)

1. Line players up as shown in the figure. 2. Each player has a basketball. 3. Player 1 steps out directly in front of the coach. Player 1 hands the basketball to the coach to begin the drill. 4. Player 1 begins in the defensive stance the coach requests. 5. On signal from a coach, player 1 begins to move feet in rapid-fire motion. Player 1 wants this motion to be a tapping on the floor by the toes. 6. Player 1 begins with hands in proper defensive position. Tell the player to constantly be jabbing hands forward and pulling them back "like the strikes of a snake." The player can alternate hands striking, first right hand and then left hand. 7. After 5 seconds of player 1 displaying proper defensive stance and footwork, the coach dribbles one dribble, alternating speed of the dribble until player 1 has deflected the ball. 8. After deflecting the dribble, player 1 retrieves the basketball and moves to the end of the opposite line (if a team drill). Player 2 then steps out in front of the coach. <strong>Advanced:</strong> 1. Instead of player 1 moving out in front of the coach, both players 1 and 2 move out in front of the coach. Both players get in defensive positioning, facing each other, using rapid-fire foot movement and defensive jabs at each other. This continues for 5 seconds. The coach then dribbles one dribble, alternating between hard and quick and slow and low. 2. Players 1 and 2 battle to try to deflect the dribble. They race to recover a slapped basketball. Whichever player recovers the ball is on offense, and the other is on defense in a one-on-one game to the basket. 3. Players go to the opposite end of the line from which they began. Players 3 and 4 then step out in front of the coach, and the drill continues. <strong>Variations:</strong> 1. Divide teams into perimeter versus post, one-guards versus two-guards, or similar. Play a game to 10 with each basket counting 2 points and each offensive rebound 1 point. This is a highly competitive and fun drill and a great way to end a practice session. 2. Instead of dribbling, lay the ball on the floor for players to retrieve. 3. Instead of dribbling or laying the ball on the floor, toss the ball directly in front of you for players to retrieve.

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