"The go to resource for the busy amatuer coach"

We built Coach Wizard to simplify amatuer coaching.

Because we believe you should spend less time & energy preparing to coach and more time with your athletes, actually coaching.

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Always have a fresh drill ready to help develop your athletes
Drills are a fundamental part of developing skills, techniques, & habits.

Create, customize, find, learn, and store drills that help engage and develop your athletes.

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Keep all your film clips in one, easy-to-access, place
Film is a critical coaching tool.

Upload, tag, categorize, search and share video clips.

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Develop engaging practice plans
Winning starts with a plan.

Create, customize, find, learn, and store practice plans that account for every minute of your practice, every peice of equipment you'll need, and share all the knolwedge you want to transfer to your athletes in each of your practices.

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Build & share footage collections
The big picture is important too.

Build and share collections of your video clips so you can organize, slice & dice, and review whatever you want, whenever you want, with whomever you want (even if they don't have their own Coach Wizard account).

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Communicate with your athletes
It's all about developing athletes.

Coach each of your athletes to the best of their unique ability. Assign specific drills to work on out-of-practice. Share notes, film clips, and coaching tips. Communicate about important dates & events so everyone's finally on the same page and working towards the same goals.

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Simplify team management
Teamwork starts with organization & communication.

Post events & notes for the entire team. Keep roster and preferred forms-of-communication up-to-date. Share practice plans, drills, and footage collections with the entire team so everyone can finally be on the same page.

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