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Lane Slide (Beginner)

1. Line players up at a foul lane, as shown in the figure. Use only three players at a time. Each player is about 3 feet (1 m) behind the player in front, and all players are facing out of bounds. Start players in the middle or on one of the lane lines. 2. Players slide from side to side using the defensive slide step; they touch the foul-lane line with the outside foot before sliding back in the other direction. 3. Count the number of touches per 30 seconds. (Each group initially goes 30 seconds. Later in the season you may extend time to 60 seconds.) Each player should get more touches each day this drill is done. The objective is to get quicker slides, and thus more touches. <strong>Option:</strong> Have two players face each other. The first player slides in either direction (player's choice), while the second mirrors the first player's movements.

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